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What is tax planning?

Tax planning is the set of strategies of all kinds, commercial, financial, tax, accounting, or of any other nature, which are designed, in advance, with the aim of minimizing, or deferring, as far as possible, the amount to be paid in taxes for acts, businesses and/or contracts. Its execution is aimed at reducing any tax, rate or special contribution, both national and foreign, but without violating any legal norm.

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What is asset protection?

It is very important to know in depth the term of asset protection. It is essentially one of the best known and accepted reasons for incorporating an offshore legal entity. Through this example we will see illustratively how the protection of assets or assets works. This particular point has the sole objective of helping you focus your attention on something as important as it is to take into account, something that even has more impact on the well-being of your family than any other topic you can think of.
We are not talking about health, finances, politics or spiritual issues, although those are certainly vital and important to any of us. We are talking about the protection of your assets and the planning of your protection. Because whether you like it or not you should think about it; If you ignore it, you or your children could suddenly find yourself penniless despite having worked so hard all your life; house, cars or savings could be lost.

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Main Advantages
of the Offshore operation


Favorable Tax Regime:

An offshore jurisdiction must not have a repressive tax collection authority and its main contributor to the country’s revenue must not be the collection of income taxes or taxes on corporate profits.

Strict Anonymity Policies:

It is considered that in an acceptable offshore jurisdiction, the disclosure of the corporate or financial veil of the company being established should be punished (or sanctioned).

Stable State Policies:

An offshore jurisdiction must not be in danger of a coup d’état, it must be completely democratic and its regulations on corporations must be stable, as well as the establishment of protectionist regulations for foreign investors.

Use cases

“I am the CEO of my Corporate Services company and I needed to add the Panama brand to my portfolio of products and services at the request of my clients in Dubai. Through the Linkedin social network I made contact with Jorge Salcedo who for two years to date has provides the services of Incorporation of Panamanian companies for my Clients.”

Martin Belobrad

“I needed advice for the formation of a company to establish my Car Alarm Distribution business in Panama, Jorge Salcedo advised me throughout the process for this purpose. Currently my company is operating as an SME in Panama City.”

Roca Panamá